Laptop service center in adyar



Looking for Laptop spares and accessories store in Adyar?

If yes, you are here at the right place. We are one of the leading laptop spares and accessories provider company based on Adyar. We are working in this Industry from years and have developed the good expertise to sell and suggest branded spares and accessories that can improve the overall performance of your branded Laptop. Not only do we support Dell, HP, Lenovo, but many other brands like Asus, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Apple, and much more. We promise to give you high-quality spares and accessories of reputed brands make.

We have the huge inventory for stocking spares and accessories like Motherboard, keyboard, LED/LCD screen, Hard Disk, fan, RAM, Adapter, DVD writer, Hinges, Laptop charger, battery and more.

Our working team and customer care executive team gives us strength to work more and better than ever. We never rest until your Laptop problem has fixed. We are a firm believer in providing quality for competitiveness. Our customers are hail from many places in Adyar. We attend each and every customer who approaches our spares and accessories to enhance the aesthetic beauty of their laptop.

Our team provides 24x7 repair and rework service. Unlike OEM and authorized laptop repair centers, we offer post-warranty service to our customers. Customers are carrying the laptop from years and their warranty period has expired. Many OEM refuse to take up service calls of those laptops. In that case, what would you do? Will you throw away your laptop?

No, obviously not. We provide post-warranty service as well so you can contact us and our team of engineers would fix the laptop problems so that you don't have to throw it anymore.

For spares and accessories, Laptop after warranty period are difficult to rectify, and it is quite difficult to find the spares and accessories for them. We have been working for Laptop spares and accessories for some time, so we have our stocking for old Laptop spares as well. You can contact our team and check if we are carrying any particular spare or accessory or not. At our stock, you can find:

  • Back cover,
  • Front panel,
  • Hinge replacement,
  • Laptop Adapters,
  • Laptop Batteries,
  • Laptop Screens,
  • Laptop DVD RW,
  • Laptop keyboards, and other spares

We might have forgotten to mention any spares or accessory, you can contact us and get complete details about our stock.




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